Thank You for Not Groping

The episode so nice, they recorded it twice. Our first recording of this episode vanished into the digital oblivion, which is why it's late.  So the ...View Details


Experiment: Social

This week the we focus on social experiments and what our reactions are. Email in or comment with what your take is, if you've ever been involved with...View Details


Ass-U-Me The Podcast

We recieved our first listener email and read through it right at the start of the episode! Thanks so much for that! There was also a comment from "th...View Details


Beach Vacation

Greetings and Saluta.... Oh who are we kidding, WTF is up listeners? We are sad to say we will not be posting a new episode this week due to the fact ...View Details

Paranormal Boiis

This week we get into lucid dreaming and our experiences with it. When there's something strange... in your neighborhood... who you gonna call? Thats...View Details



Thank you to all of our veterns out there who have served and also to those who have lost their lives in service to our country.  In this weeks episo...View Details


Polyphemus Goat

We all mourn the loss of a great musician, discuss the possibility of Alien life, and try to understand the concept of constant recognition for unnece...View Details


Listen up, folks! In this eisode we talk about the impending drone takeover, the possible building of the Matrix, and a creepy website that is secific...View Details


Seven Minutes Lost

This week we covered the recent Juwan Plummer shooting, fidget spinners, vacation complaints and some other topics! Oh yeah, and Chase is inviting any...View Details


Animal Kingdom Waifus

In episode 3, the group talks about a twisted new series on Hulu, our interest in International foods, a greif-stricken penguin and more. Please leave...View Details


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